Good resources for learning about your body

When it comes to the body, there’s a lot to learn about. It is a pretty complicated and interesting machine, and the more I learn, the more I realize I have to learn about it. When I work with clients on their pain or mobility issues, I try to explain a bit of what’s happening and why, to help them understand what is going on in their body.  Many follow up by asking me for resources to check out so they can learn more. To keep everything all in one place with a handy list, I’ve listed some of my favorites below. Along with the few resources (at the top) that are great for almost everyone, I’m including some of my favorite massage and bodywork resources, too.

This list will be updated periodically, as I find new resources (and as I remember!)

  1. Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy
  2. Trail Guide to the Body
  3. Anatomy Trains
  4. Fascial Release for Structural Balance
  5. Yoga Anatomy
  6. Orthopedic Assessment in Massage Therapy
  7. Orthopedic Massage, Theory and Technique

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