Welcome to the blog

Welcome to the blog portion of this site!

So, why does a bodyworker need a blog, you ask? Well, I probably don’t. You can learn about me and the type of work I do by clicking around on all the other parts of this site. But there’s a lot of stuff out there that I read about and hear about. As these things get my brain churning, I find things that I want to share with my clients and friends. A lot of people ask me questions that are relevant to health and fitness. Sometimes I know the answers and other times these questions send me on a research trip, seeking information to give educated, informed responses to the asker. The internet may bring a ton of information to our fingertips, but it also enables anyone to put information out there for our consumption whether or not they’re truly an expert. It often takes a bit of digging to find unbiased information. Think of  it as me doing the legwork for you. So here we are with a blog.

What you’ll find here will probably include discussions of common injuries and musculoskeletal syndromes, different types of bodywork and other treatments, exercise, current research on manual therapies, maybe some nutrition, and some personal musings along the way.

Questions? Comments? Something you want me to write about? Just ask! Click on the contact link and type away! (Don’t forget to be nice).

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